Corporate Tax increase a Corporate Greed: Secret Oaths and Secret proceedings.

Ruthless Conspiracies.

Dirty Filthy Wealthy Rich People, Dirty Elite Leaders, Dirty Corporations, Dirty Politicians and Dirty Government Officials. This is all about the Government Activity. Occult seal: Occult societies and pursuing an Occult agendas. They make the laws. They decide who can kill who, who can get away with who and who can get away with whatever.

They make the laws and they decide.

Illuminati Goal #13: Control the Press.

Illuminati Goal #14: Agents will come forward after fermenting Traumatic situations and appear to be the saviors of the masses.

Illuminati Goal #21: Use high Taxes and Unfair competition to bring about Economic ruin by Control of Raw materials. (Oil).

Illuminati Goal #2 & 3: Preach Liberalism and use the Idea of Freedom to bring about Class Wars. They’re the members of the Christians and Jewish religions.

The Illuminati Controls the Vatican. Lucerferian and Internationalists. Concern of Economic and Political gain. Economy is going positive direction. A lie. Economy is going on positive Crisis direction. Nothing is Real in this Life, nothing is Real in every countries and nothing is Real in this World without the Technologies, Money, Power and Control. The video says that the words in the verse were translated into English from the Greek New Testament, but were spoken by Jesus in Aramaic. It also says that Aramaic is “the most ancient form of Hebrew.” It goes on to say that the Hebrew word for “lightning” is “baraq.”

Then the video goes to the book if Isaiah in the Bible, chapter 14:14 where Satan is quoted as saying “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high.”

According to the video, there are several references to Satan as having fallen from the “heights” or the “heavens” and that the Hebrew word used for heights is “bamah.”

Further, according to the video, there are conditions in Hebrew in which “bamah” would have sometimes been pronounced “U-bamah” or “O-bamah” and would have been translated literally as “Lightening from the heights.” Therefore “Baraq U-Bamah” or “O-bamah.”

President Barack Obama. Poll: Despite Liberal Attempts to Destroy Christianity, America Still a Strongly Christian Nation: We have seen the left’s effort to destroy Christianity writ large over the last few weeks if not the last few years under the Obama regime. But the left has yet to win the cultural debate if this new.

Legal experts say;

President Noynoy Aquino’s Bangsamoro deal is illegal: If we are to believe Philippine President Benigno Maligno Simeon “BS” Aquino the Turd. the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). PNoy issues warning to Kirams, followers: President Aquino on Tuesday issued a warning to the followers of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram that those holed up in Sabah, Malaysia since Feb 9 are possibly v…

Noy agreed to amend Constitution for MILF: AMEND IF NEEDED: On record, President Noynoy Aquino knows that the federal-type Bangsamoro that he had promised the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to supplant the Autonimous Region in Muslim Mindanao is, or could be, UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

OIC snubs Najib, rejects Bangsamoro Peace Deal:

Meanwhile even as Manila insists the Peace pact will progress, its chief negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer reminded that abductions by Abu Sayyaf were rampant.

Chiz question guns-for-BBL agreement with MILF. “Never mind ‘Mamasapano Massacre SAF 44” Malaysian Defense Minister Threatens Philippines If “BBL” not Passed. ‘If peace process can’t go in June, it means war’.

Miriam wants to prohibit naming of streets, buildings after relatives of government officials: Is your plaza or road named after a deceased relatives of government officials or employees?

This will be prohibited once Senate Bill 2707 authored by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is..
1)Henry Sy:$14.2B
2)John Gokongwei Jr.:$5.8B
3)Enrique Razon Jr.:$5.2B
4)Andrew Tan:$4.8B
5)Lucio Tan:$4.4B
6)George Ty:$4.4B
7)David Consunji:$4.1B
8)Tony Tan Caktiong:$2.7B
9)Lucio and Susan Go:$2.3B
10)Robert Coyiuto Jr.:$1.8B
11)Manuel Villar:$1.6B

Politics is a Lying job.

Using and stealing Donations:

NGO:Non Government Organizations,

Slush funds,
4Ps: Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program,
NEDA:National Economic and Development
Malampaya Funds,

BUB: Bottom Up Budgeting,
Pork Barrels,
Dollar accounts,
Private Pockets,
Corporate Tax,
Private Hidden Accounts,
Secret Transactions,
and Tax for their Wealth.

Using Constitution, Laws and Justice for committing crimes, protecting themselves, Money, Terrorism, Wars, Political Fear, Political Secret Police, Power, Crisis, Global Crisis, Invading the countries, Freedom and Injustice.

Using Constitution and Laws for Controlling everything. Using Constitution for refusing to recognize the Danger of the People, the Countries and the World. Breaking under the Constitutional, Laws and Justice Provisions. Pay taxes: Leaders making people taxes because they’re asking the people to take care of the Problems, Profits, Wealth, Expenses, Salaries, Bonuses, Funds, Savings, Pork Barrels, Cuts, Kickbacks, Private Hidden Accounts, Business, Benefits, Pensions, Investments and Foreign fundings.

Yolanda Budget for Rehabilitation P22,000,000,000
Budget for Bangsamoro Basic Law: P70,000,000,000.
Our Government care more about funding MURDERERS, BOMB-MAKERS, TERRORIST-SYMPATHIZERS, BANDITS, THIEVES, REBELS, SEPARATISTS, TRAITORS than helping tens of thousands of families who lost their homes & family members because of Yolanda.

Tuwad Na Daan. Bongbong MARCOS questioned P75-B grant to MILF:

The chairman of the Senate committee tackling the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is questioning the provision granting P70 billion to P75 billion a year to the secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, chairman of the Senate local Government committee, said the. World reacts to Iran deal: European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarifat and an unidentified Russian official look on as… In the immediate aftermath of the announcement Thursday by Iran and World Powers that negotiations had resulted in a framework to curb Iran’s nuclear program, many leaders praised it as an important step, while media personalities and individuals around the world began flooding social media with their own actions. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted to thank others who had participated in the talks and helped reach an agreement. Filthy wealthy Rich People, Elite Leaders, Politicians, Government Officials, Popes, Priests and Celebrities have a career because of the people that keeps them going and supporting them. Giving them money so they could make money.