1.Unconstitutional EO No.1 & EO No. 2

2.Bungled hostage rescue

3.Blatant lie about the $430 million MCC grant

4.Wrongful deportation of 14 Taiwanese fraud suspects to China

5.Release of morong 43

6.Missing in action during the typhoon

7.First and second quarter’s GDP is at its lowest

8.Unemployment gone from bad to worse

9.People suffering from higher cost of living and having depress wages

10.Core inflation rate increased from 3.9 to 4

11.visitor arrivals decreased from 377, 672 to 317,443

13.Underemployment Rate increased from 0.178 to 0.194

14.Poverty Incidence has remained the same at 21%

15.Imports 1/ dropped from USD 4, 568 to USD 5, 497

16.BIR and BOC failed to meet their respective revenue targets

17.Double vat on toll is imposed

18.Failed to stop jueteng

19.billion lost in revenue due to missing container vans

20.Corruption still rampant in national and local level

21.PPP zero investment

22.Crime statistics increased

23.rising cost of food, fuel, electricity and basic commodities

24.Very unproductive legislature under pnoy’s admin

25.Cancellation of flood projects resulting to massive flooding

25.Increased pork barrel and CCT budgets and cut the budget on education.

27.Failed CCT program

28.5 million pesos aid to MILF

29.31 million pesos aid to (not existing) ABB

30.5-10 million bribe to congressmen to back up steps taken against GMA

31.P-noy’s 1.46 Billion intelligence fund for 2011

32.LEDAC MEETING – Food costing almost Php1M

33.Executive Clemency to a dead person

34.Display of Inverted Flag

35.PCSO transferred to PICC

36.Some PCSO Personnel & facilities & equipments in some other offices

37.An Invalid Leader of a syndicate group smuggled out of the country fordefrauding gov’t casinos

38.Credit-grabbing of FPGMA’s finished & on-going projects

39.Missing in action on the massacre of Military men in Basilan

40.Bribing Congressman in support for Mercy’s impeachment

41.US$1M aid to Japan

42.Grounded Helicopters during flood rescue
operations (di bale ng mas madamingmamatay basta intact nag Evidence against arroyos)

43.Unresolved Hacienda Luisita Massacre

44.Dismissed from service a member of the AFP after being killed by the MILF

45.Suicide of an ordinary citizen and young father (Pinpin) because of threat

46.Gross disregard for human life (the crime of murder can easily be pardoned ifone is willing to become an ally)

47.DBP wrote off debts owed by four Lopez-owned corporations that causedgovernment losses of P1.67 billion.

48.Pilipinas kay Ganda, a copied slogan the midst of poverty, there’s the porsche!

50.Fake warship (BRP Gregorio del Pilar)

51.Imposed total log ban on woodworking industry only to allow big miningcompanies to cut through our pristine forests

52.Endorsed Brazilian coconut drink

53.Imposing new taxes on Social Security and pension contributions

54.Subsidies to GOCCs double from P7.466 billion last year to P14.162 billion

55.PR budget for PNOY’s US exposure $15,000 (roughly P657,000) – by eating hotdogon NY street..

56.willing to pay for law services to help us defend cases filed against us byforeign contractors (Belgian, German, French, among others) but cutting budgetseverywhere.

57.Several appointees have pending cases in court.

58. Bribing senators and congressmen to impeach Chief JusticeRenato Corona USING DAP & PDAF.

59. Supporting the rice smugglers just to support the riceshortage in the country.

60. Failed to response the Typhoon Yolanda, and failed to help thevictims of typhoon Yolanda.

61. The leader of the P10 billion pork barrel scam.

62. Raising the MERALCO power rate

63. Failed to to control the rising inflation

64. With over 3.5 years he failed to solve the unemployment rateproblem.

65. Poverty incidence worsens.

66. Masasapano massacre

67. BBL Mindanao sold to Malaysia

68. Spratlays Island sold to China

69.sabah sold to Malaysia

70. Giving 5Million to MILF Terrorist on Tokyo Meeting

Give him a round of APPLAUSE FOR HIS EXCELLENCY…….