This will add to the informations you learned from SCHOOL; what you heard from the MEDIA; what you read from BOOKS/MAGAZINES/INTERNET but most of all what you listened from the PEOPLE’s HEARSAY. I am one of those PILIPINOS who PROUDLY in favor of EDSA 1 PEOPLE POWER 1986; for I wanted CHANGE for the betterment of our beloved country. Please be patient to read my long story. I am a SENIOR CITIZEN who witnessed different administrations BEFORE MARCOS and AFTER MARCOS ERA. I am a LIVING WITNESS that
could testify that the best among the presidents up to the present was President Ferdinand Marcos a brilliant President that no one could compare. You might open your eyes wide …why did I say this .???. It was MARCOS ADMINISTRATION that the PHILIPPINES was known’/recognized to the WORLD especially in ASIA that it is ECONOMICALLY, PEACEFULLY , PROGRESSIVE RUN STABILITY/STATUS. .If only CORY did not change the constitution and just continue the Projects of President Marcos, the country would not been suffering Now.. If only CORY did not let the government run business like MERALCO, PLDT, NAWASA (water company)etc.been privatized ,,,our country’s problem would not have been happening now. THE RICH BECOME RICHER and the POOR BECOME POORER.Those people who do not like the MARCOS are those who do not follow the LAWS—meaning they do it in their OWN WAYS.

I always remember the SLOGAN of the Pres. FM
“SA IKA-U-UNLAD nang BAYAN DISIPLINA ang KAILANGAN”. In short…For me,MARTIAL LAW is the best that Pres. Marcos implemented because all Pilipinos were all DISCIPLINED during those Marcos era..To tell you the TRUTH;in my point of view “HINDI DIKTADOR” si PRES FM—I could call him DISCIPLINARIAN… .During those days, if you were caught in the street NOT walking in the PEDESTRIAN LANE, the POLICE will reprimand you, by letting you sing the PHILIPPINE NATIONAL ANTHEM….if you did not sing it correctly , with few missing words, you will repeat all over again and you will be released until you perfectlly sing it—-if you are not obeying the rules,that person will be late in school,jobs, appointments during that day… this is one form of disciplining them ,thus
these people then will learn a lesson….

Another thing I love to tell you…is..if you were caught in the street “LASING”:, there was a MOBILE TRUCK JAIL, where the POLICE will detain you in that TRUCK until the “LASING” will become SOBER….the “LASING” will be advised to wash himself and be given COFFEE to drink—after that, when he is OKAY the “LASENGGO” will be released from the MOBILE TRUCK JAIL and adviced to go home to rest before going to his job school.

During Marcos era,, there were RAPIST who came from WEALTHY FAMILY who raped the POPULAR MOVIE ACTRESS—MAGGIE de la RIVA, when they were found guilty by the COURT, they were PUNISHED through ELECTRIC CHAIR.. Even DRUG LORDS…their punishments was FIRING SQUAD… because MARCOS was so VERY VERY CONCERNED/ VERY VERY CARING to all Pilipinos especially the YOUTH who were VICTIMIZED by DRUGS/CRIME.. There were NOT so MANY “STAMBAY” before, because everybody made themselves busy after WORK and after SCHOOL…. by planting vegetables-fruit trees, raising pigs, poultry,goat, fish pond at their backyard for the implementation of GREEN REVOLUTION of the MARCOS PROGRAMS.

Those years are very memorable to me because the the ECONOMY was very good (less POVERTY because PILIPINOS were all INDUSTRIOUS & DISCIPLINED during those times).. During MARCOS administration there were so many built infrastructure, Roads, bridges, schools, hospitals ,LRT,MRT(funded project;Discontinued by Cory ,continued by Ramos), CCP, Batasang Pambansa,Coconut Palace, the MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT— that CORY change to NINOY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT… what a nerve to change the name of the present airport.

Excuse my word!!!!We had the MIRACLE rice that the PHILIPPINES export rice at that time, we had the green revolution, water system was not a problem at that time— We were not using bottled water at that time ,,,how come that there was less epidemic during those days .I even remember during MARCOS era ,municipal health doctors, dentist,nurses, midwives, went to all to
the different schools and also went house to house to give vaccinations to prevent EPIDEMICS at that time…NOW-ADAYS, even some public hospitals are now Privatized.What a SHAME!!!!the present government does not even think of the poor who cannot afford to pay their hospitalization..Free tuition fees, books , Snacks for both Public Elementary and high Schools at that time.

Even you go home late at night, there was NO HOLD-UP/RAPE, KILLINGS…NOW-ADAYS, there are so many military/ police/”TANOD” employed , “harap-harapan ang hold-up/crime ngayon”..I am just surprised that the flood control plan in Manila will be done after many many more years… I know for sure when FL Imelda Marcos was the METRO MANILA GOVERNOR at that time, the FLOOD CONTROL was done in 5 years.

Even Marcos reign for 20 years , you SUM all his projects, still the past administrations cannot surpass him.The Philippines is still benefiting all
MARCOS projects…Don’t you know that??? we can see it with our own eyes????There is too much POLITICS in the Philippines.. “FINGER
POINTING”–why wont’ just solve the problem and not blaming all the time past administrations!!! SORRY!!!!SORRY!!!SORRY!!! and PLEASE DO NOT GET MAD WITH ME –I am just “AIRING” my views because I am just telling the TRUTH… There are so many people like ME that had been victimized by the BLACK PROPAGANDAS .

To tell you the TRUTH. I was one of those who was amenable for the EDSA 1 for I wanted “CHANGE” for our beloved country..especially that it was backed by a religious sector- CARDINAL SIN from the Catholic church..Now, after 1986, there was NO PROGRESS in our beloved country but our country became worst as everyone can witness.

Thanks to the Internet which learned many things that had not been viewed/read in the MEDIA that are controlled/influenced by the OLIGARCHS..By the way, Pls. watch YOUTUBE.

CNN-Interview of -GERRY SPENCE -the defender of former FL Imelda Marcos
–“TRIAL of the CENTURY”…The trial was done in U.S.A. The MARCOS WON.. a case that the PCGG charged the MARCOS for ill-gotten wealth…SORRY !!!!!SORRY!!!SORRY!!! for telling you all of these things.

AGAIN!!!.PLEASE DO NOT BE UPSET to ME!!!!!OKAY!!!LET us just be friends for GOD’s sake.. PEACE BE WITH YOU…Let there be PEACE on earth Goodwill to mankin.

Everyone can observe now ..that after the year 1986.. there are so many CALAMITIES …”SUNOD-SUNOD na ang calamidad”…so let us NOW learn to FORGIVE and FORGET the Past!!!!!Life is too short.-nobody will live in this earth forever.!!PEACE!!!PEACE!!MAY GOD BLESS US ALL in order TO KNOW the REAL TRUTH



I am a senior citizen too and I can attested on that yes there will never be the best president that is the only one president who is brilliant and did everything for his love of pilipino people and our country. Pls let me allow to add this that Marcos is the real HERO of EDSA he order Gen Ver not to comfront people in EDSA and CAMP CRAME because Marcos doesn’t people in Edsa gets hurt. He gave up his president seat in order to prevent escallating and tensions of his enemies that might end up in a civil war. Thanks to all who believed in Marcos Legacy and for those who do not keep on searching the truth for TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE . President Ferdinand Marcos said that. Thanks to all filipino who would read my message. Let us have peace and be united again no more reds and yellow. Life is so short .


This the truth during the MARCOS REGIME.


I am a senior citizen now but I have witnessed several Phil presidents, from Magsaysay up to PNoy, and how they have ran the country. I also joined Edsa Uno and Dos. Yet, I consider FM the greatest patriot of our presidents, but has been largely maligned by the Yellow Forces. History will judge him fairly someday…


since i was born 1985 and i dontknow yet the real stories behind the propaganda before. My mindset is that Marcos is dictator who only wants power and riches. But as i grow up and hear every testimonies of people especially my parents, my grandparents MARCOS is the best pres ever that no one could ever compare. We are been fooled with the teachings in school, trying to cover up the goodness of Marcos, everything he has done for our country, instead they open our minds with aquino’s legacy which now i can say ITS A BIG LiE!! All hands to you FM. I know your the best pres ever! 👍


So so true Marcos era was not perfect but it was much better than any of those that followed…there was discipline and fear of the law. Philippines  became world class.


I am a senior citizen, I am a martial law baby,  i consider that the  Marcos government was the best, even the former president of Singapore who made the biggest change in the lives of Singaporeans looked up to Marcos,  like the Bataan nuclear power plant, we thought it will harm the Filipino people but then we realized if only , we give Marcos a chance to operate it, we are not suffering  now . the high cost of electricity, and shortage of power supply. . Marcos made solutions in the present problems, but, already thinking about the future.


This message is so uplifting. i am not a senior citizen but with all the stories of my grandparents regarding Pres. Marcos and with the help of the many informations from the internet I always long to be in that time. A time where there is peace that you can even open your house at night while you are asleep. With all those stories and proofs of the goodness of the era of Marcos I couldn’t help my self from being hurt with the lies I heard these days. If only…. I could bring my president again this time…. I will and I would.


All those are true, though I was in my 3rd year in high school when martial law was declared but I can attest to the fact of what has been said…what I can say…WE WERE ALL FOOLED BY THE VERY PEOPLE RUNNING THIS COUNTRY RIGHT NOW…EVEN THE CHURCH ITSELF LIED OF EVERYTHING….


The Church was one of reason why the People’s Power was organized. Most of the people were blinded by the black propaganda against Pres. Marcos. During the time of FM, the Church can not dictate their whims to the government. The people listened to the church through Cardinal Sin! What a mistake!


Now  is  the  great  time  to recognize FM..all concerned pipol had  commented  and  did recognized FM if you  only know, mistakes and  mistakes did  happen during Cory, the worst is she scrap the BNPP, change the constitution, scrapped  the ABL- Ang Bagong Lipunan notes, the biggest  gold  bullion reserves,  if  Filipinos will only know… that  currency would  have been one of the strongest   currency  today… I  think the  Aquino’s are our  curse,   but if not  of  all  the  best foundation  establish by FM, we would have been worst and  may  have  the country fragmented since Cory AND would would have lost the Filipino identity today. Luckily we  are scattered  all over the world thru OFW, the initiative of OPLE during the  Marcos era, just  because  the US  influence is against  the FM concept of industrialization for the country, the US had supported Ninoy in discrediting the FM administration,  and against  the  New Society envisioned  by the Late president,  that is why the resolved  is  to send OFW as the  remedy and  make balance  for foreign currency needed by nation. This  is my  observation…  I was  a simple and poor kid with a farmer father from pangasinan when Marcos become president in the 60’s… thru hardship was able to become and electrical engineer, and was an OFW for two years 1982 to 1984 from KSA.


The Aquino’s family is a JINX  why? how many tragic incident happened in the country> during the Terms of Corikong?  the Strong EARTHQUAKE , The MT PINATUBO Volcanic eruption thousand families were displaced due to Lahar and Ash fall, the  deadliest TYPHOON YOLING  and SEA TRAGEDY where the MV DONA PAZ sunk almost 6,000 persons died  and now the ABNORMAL SON  the most strongest typhoon in the world YOLANDA i am sure most of the Filipinos knows what are the damages, the ZAMBOANGA WAR with the MNLF, the STRONG EARTHQUAKE that hit the Bohol Province and MAMASAPANO MASSACRE where 44SAF members butchered and tsk tsk the SPRATLEY ISLAND we all know that it maybe the next WW 111 with  CHINA, RUSSIA, AND NORTH KOREA  vs  US and European allies G-7 and other Asian countries and off course the Phils  its a BIG THREAT  hope it wont happened’, so it’s up for all  Filipinos to think and study carefully by making a comparison who are the greatest President and blessed by God ? its no other than PRES MARCOS and am i right or wrong?


I agree with this i was only 12 or 13 yrs.old during the edsa1 revolt i was reading every now and then the history of our past government and i found it very true that the late Pres.Marcos was the best until now,all his projects and programs are still existing afterlong years.If ever bongbong decided to run as president and win, 6 years is very short for him to bring back our country where we had before.He will find very difficult to clean every agencies now bec.there were very rampant of corruptions and the practice of nepotism.I found it sayang for all the good works of Marcos but, we can no longer bring him back.Even one of my professors in the MPA told us that Marcos was very strict and disciplinarian employees in the government before according to her are afraid to be late.(that prof.was a former DBM employee at the time of Marcos).


This is true. I have witnessed the greatness of the Philippines during Marcos era. I remember i was caught crossing the street in cubao in front of the Stella Maris College not using the pedestrian lane cause i was in a hurry to go home, a policeman accosted me, took me to the station in front of nepa q mart, made me do community service for one day. People were disciplined those days, police did their duty with respect to the rights of the people.


The greatest President of All President of The Phillipines no other than Exelency President Ferdinand E Marcos Only. Siya lang ang matapang na hinde binebenta ang pag aari ng Pilipinas.


I don’t trust the leaders after F.E. MARCOS, the ones that followed him are more corrupt. now what happened to the ANTI-NEPOTISM law.? I am still for MARCOSif he’s still alive today.


Thanks God. There are many now commenting what the truth about Apo MARCOS, the truth about Martial Law, the truth about Sen Benigno Aquino’s assassin, the truth about CPP/NPA initiated Plaza Miranda bombing, the truth about founding CPP/NPA and MNLF kung sino ang nagtatag, nagsuporta at nag inspire ito and their very intent that befell our country to slide back, the truth about MARCOS Program of government and accomplishments benefiting the people before, today and tommorrow and the truth about the LIES of the AQUINOS and acts of treasons and distortions of facts of filipino history from 1965 to February 1986.  Thanks God, Bong2 MARCOS is alive the MESSIAH of the filipino people.


True Filipinos were mislead by Aquinos, by telling lies.. By books written by their cronies. It s sad that our young generations are deceived by false story told in school. That is why i often told them to read,surf d net so that their young minds will be clarified of what is true and not… I am glad that d Marcoses are vendicated and hope they will rise again especially having higher position in d government


Better life ever in Marcos years , i was then a college student but i dont encounter misfortune those days ! Noon you can stay overnight in the Luneta park  ! Like very much the principles and disciplines of the Marcos regime.


This is what PFEM says…”After 20 years, you will remember me.” , n that’s true. His works, his loving n caring heart to the Filipino people now realizing us how great he is!!


We grew up as marcos was yet the persident of the philippines we love him and now in my heart he is the one and only president i admire who truly serve the country well and all that he thougth of is the WELFRARE of the FILIPINO and nothing tellme who the better president. And after quite sometime these so called historians who wrote nothing but the ill doings of the marcoses have proven themselves wrong.very wong .shame on you. Poor filipino people whobelieved in you andyour president…now they are all starving becauseyourpresident cannot deliver services that will help us live a easier life .. a decent life for that matter.where are your president who promised to redeem usfrom this miserable life who will helppeople from poverty.well this politicians are now very very very rich and the ordinary filipino is still starving to death.


Mr. Phil Sofo

Kung di pinatalsik si marcos noon…our country would have been the fisrt industrialize country in asia  like singapore now…but greed and envy people had made our country likee this….the late  prime minister of singapore was also a dictator..look  at singapore,the local had hate him but in the end they were  grateful and thankful to what he has done.


That’s True, Marcos is Best President in this Country, because he Guided by True Jesus Christ, The God Almighty Father and Life Everlasting, God wills Dictate to Marcos, to Rule the Philippine Government to Become No. 1 in Asia , and to Become Divine Government of God, But Satan did not like it, He use Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino which is Written in the Bible A Woman Cloth with The Sun, which is Color Yellow, that’s the sign of the Devil, which is for Man to know the TRUTH and the simple truths, and now our Government is Dying for Corruptions, Crimes and Poverty  what more will happen if the Aquino Government will Continue to rule the Government, Let’s wake up and Pray for Our Country, That the Most Holy Father will Help us and Guide us, Amen,,,


The beginning of the fall of Marcos was when he was diagnosed to be suffering from an incurable disease. From that time on, everybody, including, the US which was his close ally, ganged up on him: the local communist rebel organization, the media, the business sector that was marginalized, the MNLF rebels of Mindanao backed by Malaysia, (even) some members (clerics) of the Catholic Church, the political opposition leaders, and the US which backed his government earlier in his administration. The rub was – even some members of his trusted government officials took turn to oust or abandon him as they noticed he was already useless.  A fish behavior.

Watch carefully a herring. You will see a weakened fish ganged up to die by stronger ones.

Marcos was not a saint. He was vulnerable to materialistic whims like most leaders are.
But he left his office with some grand accomplishments which many Filipinos (even those who hates him) still enjoy today: roads, bridges, seaports, airports, government edifice, and government institutions such as the Ombudsman, the Sandigan Bayan, etc., etc., etc.. But because he had political enemies, he became a hated man by propaganda.

What did we gain today from the changing of hands in government administration since the so called EDSA Revolution? Nothing but the perpetuation of poverty, and perpetuation of political power of corrupt politicians and those who love them. Today, anywhere you look in government offices high or low you see corruption.

Woe to them who hearken not stand up against corruption through might of the ballot.