That’s Davao City’s pride, and undeniably the result of the Duterte brand of leadership.

Tough-talking Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is an emergent people’s idol. Duterte became popular not because of his excellent PR (he doesn’t have any established PR core group unlike other popular politicians), but because of his achievements.

Duterte owes his rise to political fame to his many achievements in Davao City as a public servant. The Filipino people, desperate to end corruption and alleviate the pains of poverty and social inconvenience

2.Peace and Order
Upon assuming office in 1988 (although he was already appointed by Pres. Cory Aquino as Mayor of Davao City in 1987), the mayor enacted policy, budgetary and implementing measures to restore and maintain law and order and build local capacities to match emerging threats to the city and the wider geographic area.This is a key challenges to him as Martial Law has just ‘officially’ ended.

Duterte strived at restoring and maintaining law and order in the city in contrast to the troubling times of the pre-1986 martial law years. For Duterte, the momentum of peace and development efforts are tickets to a steady growth of tourism receipts as well as “brick-and-mortar” investments which translate to more and better enterprise development, employment, and income opportunities for his constituents.