The Daily Tribune Editorial

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 returned to its run-downed normal yesterday after putting some 14,000 passengers in huge discomfort and stress overnight Saturday and Sunday when power conked out from its system.

During the five-hour ordeal of airline passengers which had spread worldwide through 14,000 social media posts of anguish, the NAIA officials did what Noynoy does best, which was to disappear and for long stretches made no explanation to people stranded at the airport.

Some 100 flights were affected that translates to massive costs for local airline firms which have to make accommodations such as hotel bookings and refunds to passengers who missed their flights.

The insensitivity has been  displayed many times. Lately in the massacre of farmers in Kidapawan City, this incompetence was all in display during those crucial periods when airline passengers did not know whether or not to endure the sweltering heat inside the airport in a futile wait for services to come back.

With the NAIA already saddled with the notoriety of being the world’s worst international airport, the incident last Sunday will stamp the disrepute for posterity.

As long as the administration of Noynoy remains, its brand of incompetence will continue to haunt Filipinos recurring in one form or another such as the Kidapawan massacre and the NAIA power failure, the dilapidated condition of the mass transit system, the Mamasapano massacre, the constant number of poor Filipinos, the unemployment problem which is the worst in the Asian region and the underspending scourge that resulted in the denial of government services.
05 April 2016