A blog post about the controversial answer of Presidentiable Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte in the telecast Debate.

“Never been rich nor hero, but to power hereto he can broker you”.

Fast Forward:

Q: Name your top campaign contributor. Sino siya?
A: Nasa bukid, Ma’am.
Q: Anong pangalan?
A: Emilio Aguinaldo

The above was during a blitz Q&A  by debate presenter Ms. Karen Davila thrown to Mayor Rodrigo Durterte. Netizens was bewildered by the seemingly goofy answer though it draws an initial laughter from the live audience. Who is Emilio Agunaldo on Duterte’s camp? Was it another tasteless joke? A plain John Doe or face less man? An enigma that evade BIR? A modern day Robin Hood or more than that?

The answer created an online trend for a modern day quiz, queries and investigation if not just simple critical thinking and probably trampled and embarrassed Mar Roxas BATMAN’s detective skills.

For the the regular folks, they encountered the name in history books if for those who have short memory the name still engrave in our 5 peso bill or coin at present time. Why name drop a historical figure? The historical man was after all known for heroics (defend on who you ask). He is after all  known being the first Philippine Republic. So could it be just a nom -de-guerre of one rich guy from the hinterland? Social media  was quick to react. From fallacious New People Army (NPA) to a benefactor to clueless answers.

A blogger nailed it the morning, after “‘Emilio Aguinaldo’ actually represents the masses. Duterte is so witty you would think he was shallow. Emilio Aguinaldo represents the masses who are so passionately supporting the candidacy of Duterte. We may only have 5 pesos in our pockets, but we are millionaires by heart. We truly believe that by our unity, teamwork and dedication to Duterte, the minute pesos we humbly contribute will accumulate to the true voice of the Filipino People.”

My own Prof. Charles Xavier in the person of Señor Alex Casiple brilliantly spilled; “I am Emilio, too. Have you ever wondered why not Andres or Jose? Genius is like gold, you have to dig deep into the ground, crush the hardest of rocks and use fire to purify before you can relish its glitter.”

There it was, however the Mayor tried to be coy and explained that it was “invented”.  The machinery was unmasked. A people’s candidate championing it’s source- the masang Pilipino was on his regular Sunday clothes. Acknowledging his rivals, talking less but meaty and deliberately laced with wisdom. Emilio is either the proverbial donation of a poor man’s last coin, or selfless millions who knew the collective effort will make butterfly effect across the archipelago.

The message is clear and soon after when election will be over it will banner “A MILLION of THANKS from Voluntteers Contributions of common men & women, brave or weak, small or big, far or just around everyone are counted” The uprecedented movement from worldwide supporter of the  Man behind how Davao City had become, his profile swept everyone’s thirst of an answer that represented them. Every way they can, from home made banner amde of sacks, to mammoth crowd flocking his rally. To every post in social media, every materials don’t ne in his name and cause. Never have we seen somethig like this, much more viral than Saguisag’s “adopt saguisag” or Lito Osmeña’s “Promdi” this one is a real phenomenon. All the small effort from likes to sharing, delivered by voices transcending all the class spectrum of A to E. 

Emilio is not the celebrities, Aguinaldo lives beyond the Mountains and lowlands. He is amongst every Filipino who cared for this specific advocacy of change.

Had this happened decades back, a green buck for the plebe hero Andres Bonifacio could been just another clever humor, alas the word play was just as splendid as forthcoming change..Emilio is the colloquial “volunteer”, Aguinaldo as “gift”. Ergo VOLUNTEER’S Contribution-That’s from you!

People of the Philippines, there is no doubt that our coming president Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte is a “GENIUS” man and no one can defeat him if there is no cheating in this coming 2016 election.

If we lost him, every Filipino will lost their future. MRRD is the only hope and a last card for the filipino people who wants a real change. Only him can save this nation from being fractured by corruptions, drugs and criminalities.

We need him.